The Sudbury Karate Club has training sessions on Mondays and Thursdays

at the Sudbury Sports Centre Gym Hall:


Just turn up your first lesson is Free


Juniors sessions

The starting age for juniors is normally 7 years old**


Seniors/Adults sessions

This is not age specific per se, it is for adults of any grade and children who are generally 3rd Kyu (Brown/White Belt) and above.


Training Wear/Equipment  

When you first join the club it is suggested that you train in tracksuit type bottoms and a T-Shirt. When you are ready you can order a Suit (Gi). You must have a Gi to grade or enter competitions.

When training please bring a drink, the instructor will allow breaks for a drink during the session.

If you wish to take part in sparring (kumite) you must use hand pads, these can be provided initially but owning your own pair is recommended.


Training Sessions & Times

Monday 6pm to 7pm

Juniors session and is generally a children’s session, however under certain circumstances adults can train during this session as well.

Monday 7pm to 8pm

Kata training session. This session is for students who want to gain further Kata practice or practice any other element of their training.

Monday 8pm to 9pm

Seniors session and is generally an adults session, however higher graded children can train in this session where permitted.

Thursday 7:30pm to 9pm

This is a combined Juniors & Seniors session. Juniors can stay for the whole session or can finish at 8:30pm


Juniors (under 16) - £4 per session

Adults - £5 per session

Family - Max £10 per session

Kata Practice - £1 (If you attend either of the other Monday sessions)


** The club will accept children younger than 7 years at the discretion of Sensei White or Litanzios

A younger age group class is run in Glemsford (Little Dragons) for ages 4-6 years at the Glemsford Social Centre during School term time Wednesdays 3:30 to 4:15pm. For info please contact Sensei Vicki Litanzios 07979 423954