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Senior Grading

The next Brown/Black belt gradings will take place on Sunday 8th April 2018, please make sure you are aware of the policy for grading requirement, if you intend to take your grading. In addition please ensure that your senior instructor is aware that you want to take your grading and that Sensei White is informed.





Prestigious Awards Presented - April 2018

Trevor White began martial arts training in 1975, later forming SEFKA in 1984. He has devoted his time, effort, knowledge and enthusiasm in the promotion and teaching of Karate to countless students. He is responsible for numerous Black Belts and Kumite champions plus been a true ambassador for SEFKA ansd martial arts generally. Trevor has led the association by example, which shows in the high quality senior instructors panel that he has developed over the years.

On the 8th April 2018, at the senior grading this dedication was recognised with the presentation of Trevor's 8th Dan Black Belt and the title of Grandmaster. A more deserving candidate for such award would be extremely hard to find, it is truly well deserved.




April 2018 - Senior Grading Results

The senior grading took place on Sunday 8th April 2018, at Gt Cornard Sports Centre, the following grades were awarded:

To 8th Dan Black Belt

Trevor White

To 3rd Dan Black Belt

John Farrow & James Nicoll

To 1st Dan Black Belt

Amelia Bacon

To 1st Kyu Brown/Black Stripe Belt

Andrew Bennington


Photos to follow

Congratulations and well done.


Senior Grading Requirements

SEFKA Chairman and Chief Instructor Trevor White has issued the following update, which takes immediate effect for senior Gradings (2nd Kyu to 3rd Dan)

All persons grading at a senior grading who are 18 years old and under will be required to perform all applicable kicks at head height.

Those over 18 will be expected to perform their kicks at the maximum height they can kick, but in all cases the height will be above belt height.

Exception to these requirements will be that the student is unable to perform the requirement due to injury, incapacity or other genuine reason. This must be highlighted to your senior instructor prior to the grading, so the panel are aware and can take it in to account.


November 2017 Club Grading Results

Congratulations to the following students .

9th Kyu Yellow Belt
Hayden Bird, Robert Chapman, Alersandra Bulacz, Michael Vincent & Helena Bulacz

8th Kyu Orange Belt
Bobby Giles, Andy Sparkes & Oliver Sharp

7th Kyu Green/White Stripe Belt
Vincent Fosker, Elliott Davies, Violette Davy & Abbey Wade

6th Kyu Green Belt
Claude Lewin & Logan Sparkes

5th Kyu Blue/White Stripe Belt
Ellis Beetles

4th Kyu Blue Belt
Chloe Norris & Matthieu Ravat-Chefdeville

3rd Kyu Brown/White Stripe Belt
Sophie Norris





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